#comingtoPrague: Dorms or flatshare?

Still hesitating between dorms or flatshare? Find out which accomodation will better suit you!

At the time you are getting ready to live the best experience in your life, you also need to have information on accommodation. Not so easy when you are not in the city. In which districts staying? Which kind of accommodation? With who? How much should you pay?

Have you already asked these questions to yourself? Say no more, we have the answers you are looking for!

ERASMUS is synonymous with discovery, meetings and exchange. You will meet countless new friends from different nationalities and cultures, spending your time trying to live this experience fully. Accommodation is therefore a crucial topic.

Usually, international students in Prague would hesitate between two types of accommodation: dorms or flatshare. They both have their advantages and inconvenience, and we're listing them for you :)


DORMS: the most intense experience

Vetnik dormitories (photo by CUNI)

+ Dorms will give you the most intense experience possible. Every day, you will meet new people, always going out and coming up with crazy activities. You will party a lot, you will travel a lot . You will not wonder if you go out for a beer anymore; the beer will come to you. It is the ERASMUS spirit at its best, you can be sure to get back home with unforgettable memories and friendships. Moreover, dorms are quite affordable. In Prague, there are several university dorms where you would pay 3000-5000CZK a month; that is less than 200 € .

- In Prague, dorms are located outside the heart of the city; if you want to join the city center it will take you to 45 minutes by metro. Also, dorms are not well known for their comfort. You would usually share a 15 sqm bedroom (if you are lucky!) With two other students sharing common bathrooms with all the students of your floor. A lack of privacy that will benefit your social life;)

FLATSHARE: the most comfortable

+ If you feel like you need your place, flatsharing will offer you all the comfort you need. Private bathroom or shared bathroom with bath, you will enjoy a kitchen to cook, a private bathroom to take a long shower and clean your laundry ... and some quality time for yourself. Private time for sure, but also a social life when it comes to sharing a glass of wine with your flatmates, have an international diner or simply enjoy going out. You can invite friends over for predrinks, and show them your space. Depending on the location of the apartment, you can choose it in the very center of Prague .

- For a flat in the very center of Prague, you can expect to find a bedroom in a flat rate of CZK 12,000 per month (that's about 460 €). We recommend to select neighborhoods such as Vinhorady, Zizkov, Karlin and Holešovice, where you can find a bedroom from 8000CZK (300 €) and enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and nightlife. If you prefer a flat on your own, prices start around 15,000CK (around 560 €).


Depending on your profile, you will find in one of these options what you are looking for. Whatever will be your choice, we will be there to make sure you are living the experience going beyond your expectations !

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