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  • How to find a flat or flatshare in Prague


    Accommodation guide for incoming students. Don't be a sheep! There are many websites where are possibilities to find your flatshare. I write the possibilities, because somehow it is really hard to find a proper and not overpriced place for foreigners.

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  • 10 best cafes in Prague, where to study in style


    After a few days of studying for my finals, I simply couldn’t smell my room, see it and I just could not sit down in there and study. I needed an inspiring environment, preferably full of people who were also studying so I was not alone. This need made me to find interesting places in Prague where you can bring your books and feel good even before a really stressful and important exam. You will ride on high quality coffee and meetings with interesting people.

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  • #comingtoPrague: Dorms or flatshare?


    Still hesitating between dorms or flatshare? Find out which accomodation will better suit you!

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  • #comingtoPrague: transportation card


    Prague has quite a reputation for itself when it comes to public transport. Do you want to know why? It is CHEAP, it is EFFICIENT and it is WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.

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  • #comingtoPrague: 5 things to do when you arrive


    There are many of you arriving this month to Prague to start the semester of your life, and we are really excited to spend this semester with you :) We would like to help you to settle down, so we have made this list to assist you in your first steps in our beautiful city!

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  • 12 interesting facts from Harry Potter movies


    The magnificent saga of our time is one of the most historically successful in the field of both book and film, and thanks to it the British author is one of the richest women on the planet.

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  • Top movies about magic


    Magical movies has a long history. And they have left an indelible mark on audiences young and old alike.

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  • Non-Touristy Things to do in Prague


    Prague is one of the most visited cities in Central Europe and without any question it has many beautiful things to discover. Not only the historical tourist attractions like The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square, but also many non-touristy things. So if you want to see something more, that just what you can find in every tourist guide, check out this post about unique places in Prague.

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  • Things to do in Prague on Christmas, when it's too cold outside


    Are you just visiting Prague and it’s too cold outside to walk through picturesque streets of Prague, passing by those sights like Wenceslas Square, Prague Castle or the Old Town? Don’t worry! We have some tips what to do in Prague, when it’s too cold outside for you, so you can still have some fun!

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  • Getting a Czech Phone Number - A look into the best options for Students


    Telemovél, celular, téléphone portable, mobiltelefon, cellulare or mobilní telefon… we all need it!

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