NAME: Valentina Kaminker

Nationality: Argentinian

Free Mover Program in FAMU (Film School)

PRAGUE from September 2011 until January 2012

Live life with no regrets, some remorse, and full of dreams. Laugh, love, smile and hate but always remember those precious moments who make you who you are. Bad memories will be replaced. Bad friendships will be erased.  Always tell the truth (or try) and love those who deserve your smile…Don't worry for those who don’t. Have fun, make mistakes, get wasted and dance like it's the end of the world. Never forget you only live once.

 In Erasmus you find out quickly those who are the "good ones" and not. Then, in a blink of an eye everything can change. Friendships, loved ones and even your new favorite cocktail. You lose yourself and find someone new. Some part of you that didn't know it existed. Those people, those friends, those strangers that you have met along the way are the reason.

I always say: "2 days in erasmus in 2 weeks is real life." Eveything is amplified here: emotions, hangovers, cold, kisses and hugs. Every erasmus life is good, no matter where you are.

But.. PRAGUE… PRAGUE is an adventure that one should have. The city drives you, punishes you and loves you.

Thanks to Sandro and Simon, Thanks to Student Zone, I was able to meet the people that made the experience incredible.

NAME: Daniel Valbom 

Nationality:  Portuguese

Erasmus Program in Czech Faculty of Life Sciences (Management Course)

PRAGUE from September 2008 until February 2009

I did erasmus in Prague in 2008, 5 years ago, and it was amazing!

Believe me, you will keep the friendships, lovers, trips, adventures and parties in your mind forever!

If you want to take the most of it, you should definitely join the Student Zone programmes! Half of my memories were contributed by them. After Erasmus, I still went to Prague twice. Once in holidays and the other in work.  Of course, I still managed to go to the very same Studentzone parties I went in my erasmus time!